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Traveling on a funny stomach.

It’s funny how a simple illness can drastically reduce the quality of life on the road. I think I’ve come down with traveler’s diarrhea. The chills, fever, water for shit and abdominal cramps all lead to that conclusion. The worst has passed but I’m feeling bloated as well as tired. Apparently, it has that kind of effect on sufferers.
I had planned to walk around in Thailanda doing the hitch-hiking route. But this had derailed my plans and I’m spending more time recuperating in cities (Songkhla, Nakhon Si Thammarat) so far. I seen more of my room than anywhere else for the last 3 days. Hopefully, it’ll die down and I’ll be as right as rain.
I’ll be staying here for one more day before I head up to Amphoe Sichon and Kamphon. Apparently, there are great beaches there! Unfortunately, I get a feeling that Amphoe Kamphon is quite touristed. No matter, I’ll head there for a bit before I go to the really touristed areas.
On a side note, I thought I could handle the loneliness. And strangely, I was able to during my time in Malaysia and in the far south of Thailand. However, I am starting to feel those pangs right now. Especially when I am feeling ill. It’ll be nice to find someone to talk to for a while. 😦
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