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Thoughts on Malaysia

Thoughts on Malaysia

Length of stay: 10th August 2006 to 26th August 2006.

Federation never impressed me as the place to go. It was just a stop for Singaporeans to get cheap food, clothes and little else. Even the TV ads promoting Malaysian tourism suggested the same same.

I should skip it and spend my time in smiley Thailand, laidback Laos, mysterious Cambodia or even irritating Vietnam. Maybe blow into China for a quick ride on the Lhasa – Chengdu railway.

I went to Malaysia anyways, bussing into the country with colourful and cocky thoughts:

“Singapore’s got Malays and Malaysia’s full of them. What’s the damn difference whether I see them in Singapore or in Malaysia? They’re all the same.”
“Malaysia’s all moss-coated and crack-ridden buildings. What a second-hand dump!”
“The Singapore dollar is mightier than the Malaysian Ringgit. So they scrape and bow for our currency while reviling us at the same time. Hypocritical bastards.”

I must have strode in like some conqueror on his high pouncy horse, all frilled up and ready to take the pitiful country by storm. I waltzed along the East Coast for sixteen days from Taman Negara to Keroh.

During that time, I fell victim to acts of kindness. Life floated me downstream without fuss and taught me humility before betters. I slept rough and shivered when crazies ranted at ghosts hiding behind banana trees. I lost my good humor at undeserving folks and ran far far away in shame. I walked a good portion of the day into the ground while conducting an experiment on everyone zooming past me.

 I’m still not sure why I went.

But it doesn’t matter at all.  

 My Malaysian Itinerary  


Length of stay (days)

Johore Bahru

Kuala Tahan (gateway to Taman Negara)


Taman Negara


Kuala Tahan (gateway to Taman Negara)




Kuala Terengganu










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