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The first time I saw a man who wasn’t a man.

I was eighteen and had just posted to another military unit – school of military medicine (SMM). We were allowed to go home at night and to enter / leave the camp in civilian clothing. These little things seemed like a big deal to me back then.

A lot of little things seemed disproportionately important to me back then; like fitting in. I had never been able to fit in. The longer I stayed in the unit, the angrier I got. And it was about to break over others. I willingly went to see the military psychiatrist. He diagnosed me as normal – someone who’s growing up.

That’s when I first saw a Khay Toey – a ladyboy. No, it wasn’t the doctor.

I was waiting in a white common room. There were several other people in the same room: a detainee from the military prison stood hunched in a corner. He was handcuffed and smiled slyly at nothing in particular. Military policemen stood at attention beside him; one on each side; a lean and lanky boy on a couch. He was daintily turning the pages of a fashion magazine; there were others and we ignored each other as best as we could.

The door to the doctor’s office opened.

Our heads whipped up. A tall woman strode out of the door. I couldn’t see her face. All I saw were her legs. They were slim and muscular beneath a tiny black skirt. Oodles of milky goodness covered those legs. I could clearly see her bra strap through the sheer white blouse; a thin strip binding her back. What a back she had! Long and lean; a slinky panther prowling on the carpet.

She gathered up the lanky man and giggled something into his ear. They laughed and sashayed out, arms interlinked. As they walked though the door, I saw a piece of paper in her hand and heard her giggle, “I’m getting out.”

How can a man be that beautiful – at least from the back?

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