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I hate noise. I hate the way it makes me stupid. Even now, I struggle to write through the noise that surrounds my house. It encloses me like I’m in a set of chains. Granted, I’m free to move, there’s no weight on my shoulders or around my ankles. But it oppresses. Just like the function of jails and shackles.

There’s an NParks water van parked in-front of my house. A man cranks up the pump to flush the pavements on the playground with water. Just before this, another person used a leaf-blower to huff-&-puff away detritus on the playground. Someone is renovating their home behind mine. The pneumatic drill goes clang-clang breaking stones into tiny pieces.

Human sounds are just as irritating. Runny laughter and whinny complaints. People talking loudly and invading space. The big thing here is about having a physical space that belongs to me, myself and myself. It doesn’t happen very much because sound is intangible. I cannot fight against it. There are no barriers to people’s will being forced upon you.

I fled to Mcdonalds in order to access the internet and get some quiet. But wireless here is quite sporadic and it’s not quiet. The plasma screen is running advertisements in a continuous cycle. I was actually affected enough by one of the advertisements to buy a McChicken. It was going for $2.00 a piece. It tastes quite bad. There’s a burning sensation at the back of my throat as if some kind of chemical reaction has taken place there.

There are tables of school students chatting away and occasionally bursting out into peals of high-pitched laughter. Two teachers sit in a corner and quietly grade their student’s work. I see blue ink answers and red responses on crispy white paper.

I watched XXX last night. While explosions were going on and people screaming in fear, I was most stuck by the expression on the antagonist. It was beatific like a man who’s found religion. What would happen if the world went silent? In a world like this, the person who makes sounds is a freak. We would carry cards to represent the noises that we make; just like the old silent movies.

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