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I heard them, one morning, on the radio; ‘So Close’ by Daryl Hall and John Oates. I was 13 then – a time of great changes: puberty; a new school; girls with breasts. They were unknown, scary and desirable.

That morning, the song said to me, “I’ll tell you the future. I’ll tell you how it’ll be when you wake up ten years from now. Listen closely.” In Hall’s soulful voice, I saw unhappy women flick rusty coins into old jukeboxes and middle-aged hippies chase long-gone youth. The music was built up with buzzing guitars and ticking drumbeats. It was rowdy, young and rebellious; as if to say, “The words lie. I will not go. I stay, not for you, but for the dreams we once had.”

The song certainly did not make my days look better. But it made them bearable. These guys had soul. These guys knew our problems and made it easier for us. It’s a damn shame that I found them after their peaks in the 80’s. However, these guys are worth their weight in gold.

Ladies and gentlemen: Daryl Hall and John Oates – Rock N Soul.  

Selected listening:

  • So Close
  • Give it Up (Old Habits)
  • Private Eyes
  • Don’t Hold Back Your Love
  • Heavy Rain

Hall & Oates Info (external links): Wikipedia entry | Official Website 

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