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Do Not Disturb – Episode 1

A budget hotel room, a couple, a broken condom. The first episode of Do Not Disturb – ‘Perfect Ten’ – has them all.

Do Not Disturb’ is a new local drama series that thankfully finds time on Arts Central. It means a treat for all of us. The series is a collection of independent episodes on a central theme: what a couple gets up to when they’re in a budget hotel room.

Hopefully, it means sex, sex and more sex in the two paid hours. Singaporeans have, after all, one of the lowest sex rates. I get a feeling that, maybe, by the end of the series, we’d be able to rise in the rankings and get it on with our neighbours. I was about to humpty humpty anyone after watching it.

But I’m going too fast. Let’s back up a bit.

The debut episode is a witty comedy about a pair of virgins, David (Koey Foo) and Mei Mei (Chio Su Ping), who aspire to have the perfect sex for the perfect wedding night; the cherry on top of eight years of dating. Along the way, doubt blooms in Mei Mei’s mind that sex during their wedding wouldn’t be quite perfect. After all, David came in his pants when Mei Mei put her hand on his thigh. Being the neurotic bride-to-be, she frets and frets over it.

“How to have the perfect sex if I don’t know what to do? And neither does David?”

So, in perfect Singaporean fashion, they have a trial run.

Except that the trial run became reality.

“Mei Mei, do you want a ten! A TEN!?”
“Yes! Yes! Give me a TEN!”

The ten, of course, refers to the final act in their sex-scale. Like earthquakes, their pleasure effect became more intense as they went up the scale. I remember number seven: David fearfully poked at Mei Mei’s breast. It barely dimpled the flesh. Yet she hissed and arched her back as if he had just stuck his tongue fully into her ear.

I would love to get a reaction like that just from poking at breasts.

It’s a testament to the writer that David and Mei Mei smouldered with sexual tension. It’s also a testament to the writer that I didn’t get bored with them. David and Mei Mei.  Yin and Yang. He says, “No la. Some things should be spontaneous.”; she says primly, “We need to trial run our wedding night.” He curls into a comma; she stands ramrod straight.  Meek David was the perfect foil for Mei Mei’s obsessive and strong behaviour. They kept the show afloat with their insecurities and resolutions.

It’s going to be a hard and long wait for the next episode.

Memorable lines (Errr… they’re based on a faulty memory):

“So that was a ten.”
"I don’t know why we waited for so long."

“Mei mei.”
“Yes? What is it?”
“The condom broke.”

When: Mondays, 10pm, Arts Central
Info: MDA News (overview)

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