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Mission Statement – Travel Writing

I want to show readers that travel is a way of seeing the same things in different places – different people are more alike than we’d ever expect to be. We all share thoughts of family, friends, love, hate, despair, escapism, search for a home etc.

My goals are:
• I want my readers to be there when they read my stories. Lavish and/or visceral descriptions of the shape, smell, sounds, arrangements, stories and sights of a place/journey, people and travelers.

• I want to show the heroism (kindness, optimism etc) and fallibilities (wastrels, prejudices) of people and travelers.

• I want to show my readers the links between countries. That if we are threatened, we will bare our fangs. If we are sad, we will weep.

• I want to inspire others to go traveling and see the world for themselves.

The story’s format:
• Everything in the story has a one-word link with each other: war; hospitality; kindness; advancement; greed; waste; family; corruption.

• The reader must move smoothly from event to event without ever losing the link.

• Each story is a stand-alone with characters who keep returning often – like the short stories from ‘Sandman’.

This mission statement was creating using tool 40 from ‘Writing Tools (Roy Peter Clarke)’. Book is highly recommended for writers.

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  1. April 12, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    yes, all the event is linked with each other. I like reading others blog if i have time.


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