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Little boy – what does he see?

I was on the way to Library@Orchard. The buses took their own sweet time. I sat infront of a billboard advertising bus routes and schedules. The bus-stop was packed with predominantly young people: sun-burnt schoolkids who had finished their ECAs; trendy and ‘emo’ teenaged girls who leaned over me to peer at the billboard; 30-ish aunties with little children in tow; migrant Indian workers who have been let out of their construction sites for the weekend.

If I was not plugged in, I would have been overwhelmed by the noise that they made. “I tell you the stroke should be… Wah lau, where’s the bus?!… You’re there already?” And there were more in a smattering of other languages. I didn’t look up and around me.

Instead, I stared at the ground. It’s fascinating. I’ve never seen so many types of footwear before – open-toed slippers, fancy basketball shoes, leather strap sandals imitating old Chinese foot-binders. A set of toes where the nails were clean except for the big toe which had a line of black squiggled on it passed under my eyes. Her friend’s toe-nails were all bloody red. A skinny boy leaning against a guard pillar stared at me. His eyes were level to mine. So this is what he sees: a forest of flesh and clothes with chittering tops; symphonies of crunchy shoes and clickety heels.

Does he strain his neck from looking upwards? Does he talk to bare ankles and incite revolts?

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