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We fucked our brains out. 

Let us analyse this sentence.

There are two or people here (we). There is an action (fucked). It happened in the past (fucked –past tense of fuck). The sentence suggests sex (meaning of fucked). It uses five words. The sentence conveys feelings of wildness and abandon. Generally, we think the subjects had a great time.

However, the sentence is potentially ambiguous. It could mean:

  1. we had a lot of great sex.
  2. we drilled a hole in each other’s heads and somehow had sex with that hole. As a consequence, brains are displaced from the craniums.

This ambiguity raises further questions:

  1. Who are the participants: all men, all women or a mix?
  2. How many are fucking: a pair or more than a pair?
  3. What kind of fucking happened: doggy, missionary, someone on top?
  4. Is it really sex that we’re talking here? A quick look at the dictionary turned up the following definitions:
    1. Vti to have sexual intercourse, or have sexual intercourse with a specified person
    2. vt used like a command to express anger, contempt, or rejection
    3. vt to ruin, botch, or destroy something
    4. vt to treat somebody unjustly or harshly

Sex is only one of the definitions of ‘fucked’ which begs the question, “What does this ‘fucked’ refer to?” While definitions b and c do not fit into the sentence, definition d might. Thus, the sentence could mean ‘we treated our brains roughly.’

As a preliminary conclusion, this sentence requires much improvement on its precision and accuracy.

We, a man and a woman, fucked – in the missionary position – our brains out.

This sentence, unlike its predecessor, tells us exactly how many participated, the nature of the participants, the kind of action and refers explicitly to one definition of ‘fucked’. Unfortunately, one is required to be a lawyer or a bureaucrat to truly appreciate the beauty in this sentence.

Author’s note: the scary part was the ease which I wrote out the above crap.

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  1. Jason
    June 17, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    Have you ever heard of German wound fucking?


  2. edwin
    June 23, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    Good lord, no. It certainly sounds painful and err… ragged.


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