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Do you dream?

Dear X,

Do you dream a lot? Last night, I dreamt of a man who dreamt of old Bali.

We were walking to a sacred place. The sacred place was next to us but we had to go around a wall of trees. There were palm trees, thick-stemmed trees, creepers and, strangely enough, bamboo. I could see dancers through the gaps of the plants. There were men and women. They were lithe, happy and danced to welcome us. Cloth streamers trailed around them. I thought they were naked from waist up but I couldn’t tell. The sun was shinning behind them and turned them into shadows set against a painfully white-yellow wall.  

Eventually, we rounded the wall of trees.

“Welcome chief!”

It came from a well-muscled man with only a loincloth around his hips. A big headgear made from orange, red and yellow feathers and wood erupted haphazardly from his forehead. The dancers whom I peeked at earlier stood behind him. The men were like the one who greeted us; clothed in loincloth wrapped around the hips but without the headgear. The women wore ‘sarongs’ of varying lengths. Some bared their breasts; others had on shiny ribbons of cloth wound tightly against their chest.

“Let’s go”

That’s the first time the man, whose dream I’m walking in, spoke to me. We went past the assembled dancers. Suddenly, we’re on a cliff overlooking a clear green sea. I could see the bottom of the sea! It was full of pebbles.

“This is the edge of the world.” The man whose dream I’m walking in said. “Jump with me. I will be chief after this.” I cannot remember how the man looked like. But he was a giant compared to me.

I eased up to the rim of the cliff. Sand scrittered under my feet.

“Jump. Now.”

The sea closed over me. I looked up as I sank down to the sea-floor. It’s like looking through a thick glass block. The cliff blurred into sharp edges and bright colours, the sun was a wavering white circle and little fishes swam into my air bubbles! I hit the sea floor and bounced back up.

I’ve always hated endings belonging to ‘I screamed my lungs out until I woke up. I breathed a sigh of relief and knew it’s just a dream.’ variety.  But this is about a dream and dreams do end. So here goes…

The sea faded out just as I was about to break though the surface. Walls swam in and a ceiling appeared. My handphone tooted loudly – an SMS received. Time to face the world.

I wonder though, did man whose dream I had walked in, plunge into the sea for his chieftianship?
I could guess yes. I could guess no. But  I’ll never know now, will I?

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