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Live Earth – Great Entertainment. Little else.

Live Earth is a musical protest against Global Warming. It’s a bunch of concerts spread worldwide. Amazingly, they will all happen at once on 07/07/2007.

The complexity is staggering. The scope is truly amazing. So much effort just to tell us to turn off our air-cons and use brown paper bags. Of course, I (a thirty-something jaded bugger) do not belong in their target audience. They’re probably wanting to ‘educate’ the young, falsely-jaded children into following their gospel.

I hope they do. Not for us but for our future’s future.

Unfortunately, it’s wasted effort. Many pop luminaries have held similar concerts in the past. Twenty years on, nothing’s changed. Africans still starve, children are still unloved and we still fear that guy with AIDS. It’s a celebrity’s excuse to score brownie points and sell their latest CD.

Also, I don’t care about the obscure/frightening/’very real’ problem that’s out there. Keeping my home in order is hard enough work.

On a side note, have you noticed that they love to sprout platitudes? I’ve just watched an advertisement which had local celebrities acting angsty and repeating mega ‘save-the-world’ concert-type slogans such as:

“YOU can’t ignore it. YOU can make difference. DO your part. Shouldn’t YOU be the solution?”

Horrible. Horrible.

Why should I sacrifice my hard-earned comfort and well-being for your platitudes? Would you, little Ms/Mr mega-stars turn off your air-con? Perhaps they would. They are mega-rich and can jet off to cooler climates which do not need air-cons.

Regardless, I’ll be tuning in. No matter the wasted purpose, they are mega concerts with big-name entertainers. How often do we get to watch them for next to nothing?

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