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How would you rank a woman?

A friend asked me one day, "在你看来,女人的头脑,身材,脸蛋,怎样排序?" (Translation: "A woman’s brain, body and face. Arrange them in order of importance to you.")
I – a horny satyr – ranked face, body, brain.
According to my friend, I’m as undistinguished as a pebble in a zen garden. Most guys gave that particular combination; the constant being that brains ranked last in the threesome.
It got me thinking as I worked off a boner.
Why do we rank brains last? What is that guys look for in a girl?

Here’s a possible answer (Caveat: For work, I would pick a brainy woman any day.):
Sex drives us. We’re not interested in women’s ability to reason, deduce, extrapolate etc.

We want physical goods – dangerous curves, firm flesh and great instincts.
No need for other things.
But you’ll hardly ever catch a man say that in person.
He’s more likely to say, "I like a woman with brains then…".
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Men lie for two reasons.
One, it’s politically correct; no point getting lambasted over nothing.
Two, women love a sensitive, new-age guy; it’s much easier for us if they believe that we fall into that category.
So, "在你看来,女人的头脑,身材,脸蛋,怎样排序?"
What are your choices? Be honest.
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