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Pub Crawl – travel guide

I pub-crawled around Clarke Quay on Friday. Went to 10 places within 4 hours. And it’s all for work.
I needed information to write this travel guidebook. And I did the necessary shmoozing to set up entries into the clubs. It’s not difficult in Singapore (tell them that you’re from the media and they’ll fall all over to get to you).
What got my goat was this fat, assed chap at Attica. I told him that I was on the guestlist and my name was Edwin.
He checked and said, "No. You’re not."
I asked him, "Please check again. My name is Edwin."
"I did. You’re not on the guest list."
What the fuck! Was it another FUBAR incident ala me getting into MOS? I twirled around. That fat fuck certainly wasn’t going to bother with me.
"My name is Edwin. Amanda, your PR person, said that I was on the guestlist."
"Who’s Amanda?"
"Who’s your manager?"
"He’s busy."
"I’m from the media. Can I speak to your manager?"
There’s a flicker of fear in his eyes. (Oh fuck. It’s media.)
"He’s the guy in white. The tall, thin guy."
"What’s his name?"
I walked over to Cash. And it was resolved in 2 seconds. He knew who I was and what I was there for.
But fat ass didn’t register my name at all. He thought it was Alvin. Fuckwit.
No wonder he’s looking after the door.
Attica certainly needs dumb and massive door-keepers to keep out the riff-raff.
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