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Class Gatherings

Recently, I’ve been getting sms-es from two groups of ex-school mates to meet up.
I’m not going to meet them.
For the first group, his organisation skills suck and there’s no follow-up on his part. I burnt that bridge by sending him an under-stated sms (see below).
For the second group, I can’t make it. Thinking about it now, I don’t want to either.
I was quite disturbed. The whole thing felt icky.
I could never understand why old long-missing friends want to ‘touch base’ / ‘get together’ / ‘have a gathering’. There’s this niggling sensation that they’re trying to relive old memories; Memories which don’t face up well to reality. 
Also, I cannot shake off the feeling that they something from me.
Insurance agents obviously fall into this category.
They’re not interested in your well-being. I’m not referring to friends whom you’ve had constant contact. It’s the ones whom you’ve never seen for aeons and they suddenly call you up to ‘catch up’. If that happens, I’d advise you to get a damn fine lunch out of them. En Dining Bar is a good place to suck them dry.
They might also want to ‘share their joy’ with me. Ugh. How horrible.
Ex-JC classmate:
"It’s been a decade since we’ve last met! Are you free next weekend?"
"No. I’ll be Tanglin Village. Come by if you wish."
ex-JC classmate never responded.
This week, I got another sms from him.
"Hi. It’s me again. Please tell me when are you free next week?"
"Most days. Just let me know in advance."
No reply for another 2 days.
I smsed him, "So how? Or do I have to chase for a resolution each time?"
"If you want, then you organise."
"Not interested."
subtext: ‘I’m not interested in organising this fuck-all gathering for fuckers who will suddenly be busy. I’m not interested in meeting y’all.’
I regret not being clearer in my rejoiner. No doubt, he’s removed my number from his handphone (if he still has it, then what’s wrong with him?).
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