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Singaporeans and Parking

Cars parked by the kerb irritate the heck out of me.
I don’t mean cars in proper parking slots.
I refer to cars waiting by the side of the road; oblivious motherfuckers who slow traffic (and my life) to a crawl.
Two examples:
1. A coca-cola container truck stopped on the highway. It took up one lane out of two available lanes. Was the driver dying from some unknown condition? Did his treatment involve blocking up the highway?
It turned out that he was waiting for two others. They came running; sandals and shirts flapping. One of them grinned sheepishly in our general direction – go and die – before hopping into the cab.
2. Luck Plaza on a weekday night. There’s always some asshole unloading goods, waiting for their girlfriends / boyfriends / family / friends / god-knows-what. Once, I saw an empty car with flashing hazard lights. Must be some kind of new installation piece where the objective is to hypnotise traffic behind him.
Some day, I’ll drive around in a BIG-FOOT monster truck and crush them like a cockroach.
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