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Lovely lovely 881

881 is damn orbit* la. Tatler and Prestige subscribers will have a hard time swallowing it down. But what can you expect? The flashing lights and obiang* costumes clashes with their diamonds and refined finery.
I don’t have any fashion sense. Lucky. Otherwise, I’d be sniffing away with my nose up in the air.
My man Kaz, astutely observed, "a lot of Royston’s work revolves around kitschy dancing and musicals…". Expect the same in ‘881’; half the show has everyone singing in Hokkien and prancing in ridiculously drama* choreography. Don’t bleh. That’s best part of the movie. The dancing is a wild and extravagant celebration of heartland sensibility. The songs are a reminder of traditions which younger ones do not care for.
The movie is a quite far-removed from what you would get in a real life getai. That’s not the main point of the show. I’d advise you to focus on the actors who live for the 7th month getai. That’s where 881 shines. It’s one of those shows when I laughed with the actors, damn near cried with them, yippeed when they triumphed against the Durian Sisters and swore with them. Mindee Ong was brilliant as Little Papaya who was determined to go out in a blaze of glory. On stage, her blindly beautiful smile defied her impending doom. Off stage, she has only one wish, "我只要把经年唱完。" (I just want to finish singing for this year). That scene where she repeats those words would leave many eyes teary.

So catch Royston’s movie.
And when you can, clip-clop down to the HDB open space for a real life getai.
* Drama – To act in a melodramatic fashion. Used as an adjective, not a noun
* Obiang / Orbit – Embarrasingly out of fashion
一人一半 (881 Title Track)

Replacement (Lin Qi Yu) – 881

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