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I am not Milan Kundera

The ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being’ was supposedly award-winning and munificent.
I have never read the story before.
Instead, I heard the story from an ex-girlfriend in English. Ironically, She was from China thus her English was not that great. For the uninitiated, Milan Kundera’s protaganist in ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being’ cannot form have a meaningful relationship with his women. Instead, he fucks them and never stays over in their bed.
I thought, for a long time, that I could be similar – absolutely loveless when it comes for a fuck.
I cannot. I truly cannot. I cannot sleep. I cannot work. It becomes hard to think.
What happened to fuck and go? What happened to living light?
Gone. La.
I need now and I cannot live light.
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