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Do we not learn?

It has happened before.
Once, on 08 Aug 1988, they’ve pointed guns at a thousand students.
A hundred triggers were pulled.
On that day, you could have dyed your old clothes crusty red for free. Blood overflowed the gutters and puddled in the cracks of the streets. On that day, the military eloquently delivered a message with bullets, "I’ll stomp on you whichever way I want to. Why? Because I’m a scared animal who’ll rape your bitch ass if you look at me funny." To dispense swift violence towards the opposition; now it is a valued tradition of Myanmar’s military junta.
Don’t the ordinary people ever learn?
This week, thousands of saffron-robed monks have marched into Yangon. They march in protest of high fuel prices – no doubt, it affects their monasteries. Their numbers grew as they walked; the local populace joined in step with the monks. Now at the heart of the country – where the monks would have doubtless kneel, pray and chant sutras – the animal has reacted. Shots were fired, people arrested. Surprisingly, not only 5 were killed.
This was quite unlike their previous suppressions.
Perhaps the junta is a little confused – they are made up of old power-mad fogeys. Perhaps they’re feeling magnimous – "Turn around, go home now. Before I break you." Maybe they’re, GASP, afraid of the UN’s finger-pointing and toothless condemnations. Somehow, I don’t think so.
Except for the low number of casualities, this is not new.
Expect to see a thousand dead soon.
Myanmar News Sources: Yahoo News (AFP) | Yahoo News (AP) 
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