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Myanmar protests.

I’ve been captivated by the recent protests in Myanmar. Every now and then, I’ll waddle over to Yahoo News to get the latest news on this sad situation (Why sad? Well, that’s another posting in the making).
Last night, the military has regained control of the streets and country. They’ve sealed the monks – Myanmar’s highest moral authority – in their pagodas and took out their ire on aimless civilians. A diplomat is flying into the capital today. That move has been lauded by analysts as a sign of change and possible reconciliation (ever notice that diplomats love polysyllabic words?) by Myanmar’s iron-fisted junta.
All diplomatic behaviour is merely pretty speculation. Action is needed.
I know I’ll be hanged and gutted for my next statement: ‘Kudos to the Junta for their quick and ruthless suppression of a rudderless protest. Learn from them.’
Sound bites / Quotes:
"Why don’t the Americans come to help us? Why doesn’t America save us?"
– Why in the world should they? This is a domestic problem, it should be solved by their own people. A martyr usually cements the cause that’s being trumpeted about.
"It’s tragic. These were peaceful demonstrators, very well behaved," she said.
– Naturally these monks are well-behaved. They’re less ruly than most westerners. But here’s a thought of the day; since when has peace or good behaviour managed to get things done?
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