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Got a hangover from drinking and drinking the night before.
Wanted and needed drinks after work.
Got smashed and couldn’t do a single coherent thing.
I stared at the computer screen until – as Douglas Adams said, "You could stare at a piece of blank paper until your eyes bleed." – my eyes bled profusely.
Of course, you’re not here to listen to me gripe about my hangover-ed day which persists even as I’m writing this entry.
So bleeding eyes, queasy stomachs and general wooziness aside, this here’s a quick rundown of LAST NIGHT’S ITINERARY.
First stop, the grand opening of Emily Hill. A smorgasbord of arts groups in a lovely, laidback bungalow. A little freaky when it’s emptier. After all it was a Japanese HQ during the war. Good thing it was nicely crowded that night. I was there to congratulate several tenants. And make some friends. Yeah. right.
Went to take in The Blue Room Exhibition Preview; essentially a bunch of drinking glasses in a Blue velvet room.
Karen, the owner, was nice enough to introduce me to the Corp Comms dude of SOTA, James of Ampulets Design and Yvonne, MICA.
Ended up drinking a whole bunch of martinis while hanging onto their conversations.
Drinks: A whole bunch of Bombay Sapphire martinis – Cosmos, classicals, a blue genetically-modified peach concoction (who’s ever seen a blue peach anyways?)
Second stop, Night & Day. I stumbled down Emily Hill and climbed into the bar. Near impossible to find unless you know where’s the entrance. There were less than 10 people in the bar. Spoke to Chris – the bartender. Found out that he’s been bartending in Bali, KL, SG, HK. And he’s only 22! Get him to make up a cocktail for you. He’s got an amazing repetoire of cocktails kept in his head.
Drinks: 1 Corona, 1 Viro-something, 1 Blue Dreams. The last one isn’t on the menu and it’s fucking amazing.
Third stop, a pub at basement of Park Mall. Was staggering around by now. Wanted to head home. It was 11pm. No cab in sight. Wouldn’t get one until after 12pm. I wish, this Christmas, for a monster truck to crush cabbies. There were three poles in the pub. A girl occupied each one. How unflattering towards the poles.
Drinks: 1 Tiger beer.
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