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inhale, blow, plop!

Sungei Buloh was boring.
I sat on the boardwalk, tired from all the cycling. The marshland looked disgustingly dirty and as interesting as mouldering piece of cardboard. However, the air was cleaner than Chua Chu Kang; although brinier and tinged with smells of shit. I zoned out between the planks of the boardwalk.
That’s when I saw the ground breathe.
Little bubbles blipped and plopped all over the marsh. It was unsettling; like some swamp monster exhaling from every pore of its body instead of through two flared nostrils like every good, rational monster should. Curious, I strained to look at the ground. I wanted to see if there was a plausible rationale for the bubbles.
There was an itsby-bitsy cousin of the Sri Lankan crab scuttling across the surface. There were perfect mud balls being rolled up and pushed to one side of even tinier holes by unseen buggers. But for all my 20/20 vision, I couldn’t see the bubbles-makers.
As I searched for the source of the bubbles, the ground stopped breathing. As if it was aware of me. I must be over-worked; I’ve read too many issues of ‘Swamp Thing’; I need sex…
Calmer now, I zoned out once more.
At once, the marshland blipped and plopped a thousand tiny bubbles. 
Sugei Buloh Wetlands
Add: 301 Neo Tiew Crescent
OH: 7.30am-7pm (Mon-Sat), 7am-7pm (Sun, PH)
T: +65 6794-1401
Fee: S$1 adult, S$0.50 child; weekdays free
Getting there: From Kranji MRT Station take the Kranji Express (S$2 adults, S$1 child; every hour from 9am) to the reserve. Alternatively, take 925 from Woodlands interchange.


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