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Today. Friday.

I’m writing this at a Macdonald’s at the first floor of Funan centre. The week was placid, although punctuated with moments of stress and manic activity – writing indicies, content pages and selecting the least crappy photos from a repository of crappy photos.
I am tired today. I’m unsure why it should be so as I was at a symposium (Singapore Writer’s Festival). A remarkably uneducational one just like being in school once more. This is my disclaimer: I was only there on Friday afternoon. Perhaps the ones that preceded my arrival were excellent.
It was free for me. And I was solely interested in: ‘Online Publishing’. I wanted new insights into usage of Ebooks, online business / publishing models and new technologies. Instead, I received anecdotes by a bunch of novices who ‘shared with us’ a tried and tested vision of websites and social networks (even then…), and ‘old’ technology (Sony’s Ebook). Are we living in Bumfuck Arkansas? Cory Doctrow, Bruce Sterling, and that Cyberpunk dude espoused these ideas years ago! On the plus side, the aside on copyright laws as applied to web material was insightful. You can get FUBARed by local laws (I’ll clear this up a little later).
There seems to be a cherished and romantic notion that traditional models of publishing (books) will not be threatened. Romance is dead, my dears. Books shall go the way of artisan products – admired, displayed as symbols and little else. Information has gone somewhere else and that is where business lies. ‘Online Publishing’ should seriously ask how money can be made from it. Not ‘I so happy that I got 10,000 hits on my webpage. I’m still starving but people are reading me! I feel so happy for myself.’
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  1. tincc
    December 9, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    its the unwritten rule in sg…
    anythg good needs no publicity… anythg not as good needs a lot of publicity…
    i never trusted stuff like "singapore writers festival" or "singapore arts synposim"… which are advertised to its death…
    fantastic stuff normally gets ard thru words of mouth…


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