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Saturday. Basketball

I suck at this evening’s basketball game. Not surprising. I’m out of shape and hobble on a gimpy knee. Having said that, I made a few 3-pointers (2 in 2 games) and had a couple of strong moves (I carry 80kg of fat, gristle and some meat). Still, as I said earlier, there’s very little for me brag about.
Today’s game was interesting for two reasons:
1. There were loud and heated arguments on the rightness of each foul call. They’re thinly veiled attempts at browbeating opposing teams into submission.
2. The winning team refused to the leave the court.
The later requires explanation.
A whole bunch of people (20) turned up to play today. To give everyone a chance, each team could only stay on for 2 wins*. A team won twice. They refused to leave the court. I believed accusations of ‘childishness’ were flung around and the winners pointedly ignored the organisers. The winning team stayed on. They have a right to it. As dictated by tradition.
Traditions change.
Bear in mind, the organisers are the ones who spend time getting the court. Not petulant players, not the winning team. The organisers try to give everyone a shot at fair playing time. What gives them the right to decide on such ‘policies’? Nothing. Not even a moral right. But perhaps petulant and whiny players should try to organise – Wait, that’s not right – Perhaps they should try to ‘book’ a court for everyone to use.
So be nice players. There are people who actually care enough about others to organise such stuff.
And remember – it’s just a game!
* Normally, the winning team stays on until they get ousted by better teams.
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