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Orchard Road Lights-up

Orchard Road was a tangled snarl of SUVs, sedans, kelisas, BMWs and Hondas. The cars were there to gawp at the Christmas lights-up. Understandably, gawpers want a place untouched by heat, humidity and car exhaust fumes. And they get all these perks and a view to boot from within their cars.
A pity, then, that the view is unreal.
Oh, the view, whether seen from within or without a car, is the same. But car windows annoyingly seperate viewers from viewees in the same way things and people in a television screen seem to live on another world. Understand that Christmas (or any festival) should be lived through and not merely viewed from behind a plexi-glass window.
Get out there. Thump on the pavement. Breathe in the silver and glitter of this Christmas lights-up. And live Christmas instead of watching it through car windows.
ps: This year’s decorations – as with many years before this – are eminently forgettable.
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