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Basketball again

From email: "This is the first basketball session of 2008. It’s been 13 years of weekend basketball."
We’ve played on the same hardwood courts for 13 years. We were close once.  We’d go out for dinner after basketball and trash-talk (boast). 
In the span of those years, people come and go. Faces leave for the longest time and suddenly pop back up. Take today, Bernard – skinny, remarkably fast guy – popped back up on court. He is still skinny and fast. Only now, he resembles the Asian version of Patrick Stewart; under the right lighting, of course.
It happens la.
It’s been 13 years. That’s plenty of time for people to change and for relationships settle down to a steady state. I’ve drifted away from this group. Now, I consider them basketball kakis – fun while b-balling, after which, it’s back to days as usual.
The same thing. Every Saturday. For 13 years.
Now that’s just amazing.
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