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I so love food.
People think me silly. It is my prerogative to hunt down, ferret out and consume the best and most delicious foods; be they in hawker centres or fancy-smancy restaurants. Once glorious food is set before me, I masticate it into bits, roll them around my tongue and let all the umami ooze out.
Like anyone else, I have urges.
I’ve been wanting beer-battered fish and thick-cut chips served with vinegar and salt; 水煮鱼 (water-cooked fish) with its chilli peppers and potato noodles floating in chilli oil; steaks dumped carelessly onto an oak wood grill and charred rare; melt-in-your-mouth Otoro and slippery, creamy Uni; roasted leg of dog; filetted and shredded snake tossed with greens and wine over a roaring fire; Chappatis spread with Dhal, kouma and mashed up lentils; glutinous rice from a steaming basket and dipped into a mash of green chilli, garlic, fire-grilled eggplant; explode-in-your-mouth 小笼包; and bitter yet so fulfilling Herbal Turtle soup.
It’s a sample from a longer list. There’s just something about having good food and eating it that makes living truly worthwhile. To turn a phrase on its head, "I do not eat to live; I live to eat." Thus to all food phillistines, it might be the time to pick up a fork, stab something untried and have a go at it.
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