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Bunker 13 – Aniruddha Bahal

Bahal tries very hard to describe the immense corruption that has wormed its way into the army units at the Kashmir border. It was well researched due to his expose on the army. It has plenty of sleaze, sex and dope to keep a pulp-fiction reader happy.
But there are points in the novel where it becomes rather incoherent.
It’s as if his writing mimics MM’s (the protagonist’s) whirlwind lifestyle. Also, it reads like an action Hollywood movie that’s been given a Bollywood make-over. The twist at the end of the story (MM is revealed as a triple agent) was entirely unexpected. But it read as if Bahal had run out of ideas on how to end the story.
Regardless, it’s an entertaining read (especially with his use of the second-person perspective) but not worth buying first-hand.
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