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Diary – Chuck Palahniuk

Misty Wilmot – failed painter, mother and wife. Yet the hope of an island rests on her.
Waytansea Islanders need her to save the island through Art. In the hands of most writers, it’ll be a heroic and undoubtedly virtuous struggle to this lofty goal. But this is Palahniuk. His characters are never virtuous. They strive towards are goals from a warped mind.
Misty was choosen because of an inbred tradition – for every third generation, there will be an female artist out in the world who will suffer and through suffering create paintings of incredible beauty that they will save the island from ruin. To achieve this, Misty was fed pills of powdered lead and arsenic; her child was turned against her; everyone cooed baby-talk and made her paint and paint.
Palahniuk’s nihilism is always an interesting read: no-one is as visceral and no-one is as disturbing. Yet, Misty is far too passive for me. It’s as if they have lost the will to survive and are being pulled willy-nilly by forces far greater than them. Where did she rage against the failing of light? When do they do something to get out of their predicament? Palahniuk might have forgotten about contrasts – the brighter the candle, the darker the night.
Diary, unfortunately, is just one grey blur.
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