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Life, the Universe and Everything – Douglas Adams

This one lies somewhere in the middle of ‘The Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ series.
Arthur has been stranded for the longest time in pre-history, meets Ford Prefect who drags him out to save the world again. Expect snide commentry about cricket and its silliness. Trillian turns up to put things in perspective and save the day somewhat. Zaphod keeps getting knocked out by stun guns and Marvin depresses a legion of killer robots.
The amazing part about the book is how the different bits and pieces in the book: history of a warlike race, frogs, rabbits, cavemen, cricket, a floating party and a ever-changing bag become essential parts of the book – usually a few chapters after they’ve been introduced. The funniest part is an ever-reincarnating rabbit who keeps getting killed by Arthur.
He swears revenge but still ends up getting destroyed by Arthur. Well, at least someone cares enough about bland old Arthur to hate him.
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