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Take me with you: A round-the-world journey to invite a stranger home. – Brad Newsham

Brad’s a San Fransisco Bay area cabbie who decides to make good on his promise – made in Afghanistan mountains, 1974 – to invite someone to come visit him in America.
To achieve this end, he takes 100 days to go around the world: Phillippines, India, Africa then home. He, essentially, judges people based on 2 questions (‘what is the best thing in your life’ & ‘what is the worst thing in your life’) and their relationships to other people and places. He meets up with bigots, incredibly wonderful people and goes looking for adventure in the smallest places.
While he writes beautifully about the places that bring him peace; his greatest strength lies in his ear for dialogue, naive and cutting thoughts interspersed in-between and his declaration that he suffers from the same problem as a common traveller: forgetfulness and complacency "Each morning I awoke to a day of mystery – saw new landscapes, ate new foods, met only strangers and rarely knew where i might lay my sleeping bag at night. But a month at home and this adventure would surely fade. Days would pass when i would speak only to the same two or three familiar people and months during which i would eat in the same two or three predictable restaurants. I might even forget which closet my sleeping bag was stored in. I would gradually come to fear the uncertainty and unsettling freedom of the road, would be able ot cite a hundred reasons why I couldn’t go traveling this year. Next year, maybe. Now I closed my eyes, listened to the ocean’s hum, the boys’ yelps, the shrill complaints of the harbor birds and the rustle of palms. A two-fifty room. Fresh fish dinners. Fifty cent beers. Remember all this, I thought. Enjoy it. Never take it for granted.
This is a story with a big heart. A story that tells everyone ‘Travel is the best thing that can happen to everyone.’
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