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Why so bright?

I saw an illuminating piece of news on the 10 o’clock Chinese news this evening (29/08/2008).

By next year, you will be able to walk along the length of the river haloed by blue, pink or green lights (for an example, pop into Bar Opiume @ the Asian Civilisations Museum).

Apparently, programmable lights will be installed at "Read and Cavenagh bridges, special lighting for four underpasses at Boat Quay, Empress Place and Clarke Quay, under-bridge lighting for the Clemenceau, Coleman and Elgin bridges, floating lights on the river, as well as new street lamps and lighting of trees along the entire three-kilometre stretch of the Singapore River" (from STB press release).

On TV, the PR person proclaimed that it was necessary because "the river has alot of history and this lighting will enhance the uniqueness of Singapore’s tropical features."  Was the Singapore River lit up like an overly garish blue, green and pink birthday cake in the past? I don’t know.

But they must be right. The river is being outfitted with candles, lamps, lanterns and will-o-wisps to modishly light it up like an oversized, watery birthday cake. Ah well, at least, I can safely assume that the authorities will not program the Singapore River’s lights to exclaim "I Love Singapore" in Morse code.

Or will they?

Resources: URA Lighting Plan | STB Press Release

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