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Bar Review: Helipad at Central

Most of Central’s new bar is housed within a circular extension (by the way, conveniently located beside the car-park) but a significant part of it juts out onto Central’s helipad.

Hence its name: The Helipad.

The outside area – designated as a smoking zone for bar patrons – has a marvellous view of the Singapore River. I could see all of Clarke Quay and yet be able to zoom-in on the architectural details of the shophouses. Clarke Quay’s orange brightness, almost like a birthday cake on fire, lit up the half-built sky scraping River Valley condominiums. Apparently, some of those condos were inhabited. There were lights twinkling on shadowy facades.

With the exception of several over-excited girls, the alfresco section of the Helipad is a soothing, reflective and rather enjoyable affair; even if we had to cart our own drinks from the bar. I could imagine shooting the breeze with drunk friends and pissing abuse on Clarke Quay.

That is, until the wind blew.

Most helipads are situated on the roofs of skyscrapers but Central’s helipad levelled out at the 5th floor – high enough for a magnificent view but next to kitchen exhaust vents. I and my date were drenched in oil fumes that smelled like Colonel Sander’s secret recipe (it’s in the oil), Teriyaki Chicken (she argued Tempura Prawn. But how do you tell from whiffing oil fumes?) and other grilled edibles.

One good thing came out of the sticky smells: we created a new drinking game that involved guessing the food that generated the oil fumes.

Where: #05-22 The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street. It’s just next to the car-park.
6pm to 1am (Monday to Thursday), 6pm to 3am (Friday to Saturday)
Happy Hour: 6pm to 9pm (one for one on all housepours)
What’s good: The view from Central’s Helipad; the bar’s unique concept; and new drinking games involving kitchen exhaust.
What’s not so good: The oil fumes from Central’s kitchens; self-serving our drink orders (apparently they are not allowed to serve drinks on the helipad); and weak-ass drinks.

The Helipad


View from The Helipad

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  1. 阿璟
    July 31, 2008 at 10:15 am

    still think its Tempura Prawn ;p


  2. 小西
    September 7, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    T_T 走过来瞧瞧~~~~


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