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Getting Broadband

After years and years of living off unencrypted public-access wireless internets, I have finally applied for broadband. Singtel’s 8MB (or b?) ps plan with a tiny laptop thrown in for good measure.

There are a few reasons why I got it: parents want to communicate with my brother in the States. Actually, that is the only reason why I applied and paid for it. Not for me (although I will be using it quite a bit), not for my brother (he can fuck a tree hole), but for my parents who want to talk to him (awwww…. isn’t that sweet??).

I am actually quite happy to use unencrypted public-access wireless internets wherever I find them. After all, if it’s there. I’d take it!!! No doubt, friends and strangers will balk at my attitude towards it. My dad likens it to stealing. But if I can get away with it, I will.

But that was in the past. It is no longer worth tapping onto Unencrypted public-access wireless internets (Wireless@SG for instance). Their infrastructure simply cannot handle the increased loads. So much so that a 3MB file upload takes an age and FUBARs my deadlines.

I hate missing deadlines.

Wow. Well what do you know… I just found another reason to pay for broadband!

Cheers and see y’all online soon!

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