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Championship Manager

I’m addicted to Championship Manager. Again.

I thought I had kicked that addiction years ago. It just goes to show that you can never really get rid of addictions.

I first enjoyed Championship Manager in my university days. When I stumbled onto the joys of computers and games. During then, I finished football seasons overnight. Gloated at virtual opponents and tinkered with odd, offense-heavy formations that would never work in real-life. Needless to say, it was much more fun than school work or other silly university people.

Now that I live alone, I’ve turned back to the game. In part, it’s influenced by my work at the CJI – a game company.

In this addiction, I control Arsenal. Naturally, I thought I could do better than dear Arsene Wenger. And I was right. It merely took me a few seasons (about 1 week of playing non-stop) to win the coveted quadruple: League Cup, FA Cup, League Title and Champions League Cup; with a sprinkling of other cups.

Ahhh… Arsenal. My pride and joy in Championship Manager.

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