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Update on Milk Powder Scandal

As of my last post, 50,000 babies have been found to be sick.

But the effects are even more far-reaching than I thought.

Anything and everything to do with Chinese milk and milk products is suspect.

Singapore has pulled ice-cream, milk, milk candy from the shelves. And Nestle’s milk powder was slightly contaminated with Melamine. What’s even more shocking is Hong Kong’s pronouncement that there’s nothing that they can do. I paraphrase: China’s milk powder can be exported and made into other types of milk products, how do we know whether it’s ok or not?

If companies cannot patrol their primary food providers and someone FUBARs it with a slow-acting poison – say lead or mercury – then what can the common folk do? Build our own laboratory or perhaps have our personal food-taster?

How depressing.

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