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Painted Skin: Cell-u-lite

Liao Zhai was a fun thing back in the days of TVB. It was scary as heck with green spotlights, cheesy makeup and sound effects, and pretty good acting. No other versions of Liao Zhai can come close to it.

As such, the Liao Zhai story of 2008 – Painted Skin (also known as 画皮) – was an utter let-down. Here’s a dead give-away that it sucks: movie critics praise the actors for their acting – from forlorn to lovelorn expressions.

For crying out loud, it’s a horror movie! The plot’s supposed to be suspenseful, terrifying and fear-inducing! Demons aren’t supposed to pine for mortals and go squishy over them! I wasn’t supposed to be yawning my head off through it all, while Donnie Yen tries to rekindle some spent love and Vicki Zhao begs for answers.

The only thing good was the scene where Vicki Zhao does a "白发魔女" when she turns albino and weeps tears of blood (YAWN…) while running around like a headless chicken. Sigh… Liao Zhai should return to its roots of terror and do something properly terrifying.

And not yawningly horrifying for us movie-goers.

Hua Pi Story in English | Movie Synopsis

Movie Trailer from YouTube

Painted Skin Trailer

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