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A Bar Review – Thai Disco

A bout of photo housekeeping unearthed this set of photos (badly taken with a camera phone) of a Thai Disco in Singapore.

I lurrve the disco’s not-so-polished atmosphere of old Ah-Bengs with a taste for Thai women, Singha beer and bottles of Johnnie Walker, as well as slim working girls who make small talk and politely request, "Buy me drink?" It’s also a meat market where old Bengs hook up with the girls on display. I never did hear prices but it’s there. At least, the suggestion of it is there.

The highlight of Thai Disco is the live band of beautiful boys and women. Sadly, they do a lot of their singing in English and Chinese. We do get Thai songs (which is why we’re there in the first place)… but only after a lengthy wait. But it’s simply amazing when it happens (check out the Youtube video at the end of the post). 

This disco’s on the second floor of Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road.  But the concept is so popular that other Thai discos have sprouted up in Clarke Quay, Chijmes and Central Mall (Club Nana — a spiffy Scarlet Hotel-themed disco which hosted Endorphine) to cater to the tourist and yuppie crowd.

Thai Disco Performance


2nd flr, Golden Mile Complex. It’s hidden in a corner just off the stairs .
When: 8pm to 3am (Monday to Friday), 8pm to 4am (Saturday), 6pm to 3am (Sunday)
What’s good: Alternative to Clarke Quay’s polished nightlife.
What’s not so good: Can get too seedy for some; the women can get a bit pushy.

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