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A Cure for AIDS | Popular Science


It was in the news a couple of days ago. But I clean forgot about it until today, when running through my RSS feeds, I read it at Popular Science (Full article: A Cure for AIDS).

AP Interview with man cured of AIDS

The cure was entirely accidental. Apparently, the guy was dying from leukaemia and AIDS, and the doctors decided to "give him a bone-marrow transplant–(this isn’t the crazy part)–using blood stem cells from a donor who was immune to HIV".

That is news to me on two levels: one, people can be immune to HIV?? (WIRED deciphers it; also a Canadian-US team rejuvenates worn-out immune systems); two, there’s a cure for AIDS!

Right now, the treatment’s a risky business as bone marrow transplants have a mortality rate of 20% to 30%, largely due to the drug and radiation treatment needed to disable the donor’s immune system to prepare him for the new bone marrow. And that’s on top of the difficulty in securing HIV-immune donors with the Delta 32 mutation (Science Frontiers).

On the bright side, we’ll eventually find a way to make it cheaper, easier, less risky (probably through gene therapy). But more likely we’ll see the introduction of HIV immune baby-farms and genetic black markets.

Geez… Thoughts anyone?

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