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No Cats on Chinese Menus?


I’ve never eaten a cat before. It isn’t because I think it’s cute. It’s simply because I never found a place that sold cat as food. Apparently, they have it in Guangzhou… (Where have I been looking when I was in Guangzhou? Obviously all the wrong places…)

Surprisingly other Chinese are repulsed by the thought of eating a cat. And they’re not bothered by eating man’s bestest friend: dog. I found an LA Times story that narrated a rowdy rescue of a truckload of cats by Shanghainese activists, and a wink and a nudge to save “our furry feline friends”.

Personally, I’ll eat anything that flies, crawls, swims, hops, or walks. Cats, dogs, alligators, snakes, whatever…

Source: Los Angeles Times

PS: If you’re wondering how to cook a stray, try this recipe (from salon.com) – “Cut the meat of a mature cat and a chicken into cubes and steam them until tender with water chestnuts, pieces of fresh sugar cane, fresh ginger root, and preferred herbs. Cat meat is also stir-fried and sautéed by the same Chinese recipes as dog. It is eaten too in China as smoked meat.”

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