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I am not thankful for…

  1. The smell of gasoline in the clear, crisp morning air.
  2. Leafblowers bellowing at leaves like some deranged Drill Sergeant Major.
  3. Rattling taxis and vans that idle across my house.
  4. Taxis beeping like Patpong touts.
  5. Friends who arrange to meet, then cancel 1/2 an hour before we meet. (Gosh darnit, I got a life too, you know!)
  6. Banks that eye your money.

Things that I’m thankful for…

  1. Rammstein – Hirach Tur Mich.
  2. A career that isn’t work.
  3. Relatively pain-free movement.
  4. Loads of books on my tables.
  5. Fixing my bicycle. Look out road! Here I come!
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