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Hack Your Nose


It’s not as painful as it sounds. You don’t literally chop off your beak and preserve it in a jar of vinegar (which incidentally kills all taste and smell if you drink it).

Hacking your nose (aka sense of smell) involves three test tubes, cinnamon, coffee, two clueless dudes and one clued-in control dude(ette). Apparently, your nose picks up background odours but doesn’t quite know where to place it. It’s known as olfactory adaptation.

This bit of info (translated from a European language via Google) shows you how to test it. The English is a bit weird but that’s what you get for letting a machine do the work.

Source: Oversatt versjon av http://matmolekyler.taffel.se/2008/12/28/jullovsexperiment-hacka-ditt-luktsinne/

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