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Scene: Green Island

One hour from the mainland across a rocky, black sea. Several bags of barf and a stomach full of gassy worms. On a rickety bicycle squeaking along the coastal road even as the winds threaten to blow me off my pedals. 


Up and down the hills I climb, following taut electric cables that spill over majestic hills in view of seas foaming life onto the rocks.

DSCN0226 (768x1024)

Past a lighthouse where the sign says “No visitors allowed.” but its dressing – like a Grecian virgin – tempts us past the wooden gates. A rented scooter stands at its doors. Surely it must be receiving guests?


I spy a lonely life buoy hung on a stake. It faces a little islet that ebbs with the tide. It forms the theme for the rest of my ride – quietude and windy gusts with a smattering of age.

DSCN0232 (768x1024)

This deer will be chopped up, filleted, dried and eaten. Yum. After all, it has to uphold Green Island’s reputation for good deer meat.


A window in a concrete wall on a windswept plain of grass. Beware rattlesnakes and animal dung.


But it’s got nothing like this brave man and his fishing rod against the black sea. Only seen on Green Island.

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