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Pet Peeve: Words I Mislike

image“Mislike” is a mis-spelling, but it works when used like so…

“I am no steward, O King. And I mislike summonings” – Dream, Sandman #50

It’s an epiphany how a mis-spelled word can make that pale-faced bastard more aloof than he already is. It’s simply brilliant. Sadly, the rest of us have to rely on the trite and tested:

“We must have a holistic mindset.”

“What’s your value chain proposition?”

“Let’s spearhead this initiative by…”

“There’s a disconnect with what you want and what I want.”

“We want you to make value-added contributions.”

“We are entering a new phase, a true paradigm shift, where we are going to leverage knowledge management as our secret sauce to re-align our market share with high impact customer-centric services exceeding industry benchmarks proactively to ensure future sustainability and top line revenue growth.”

Oww… I just heard my brain go pop at the last trite and tested example.  

And contributed by @smithankyou


” I told you already”


These are my peeves. Why not just say things simply without resulting to linguistic acrobatics? (I suspect these words mask something sinister.)  But the world goes on, and we still use these silly terms. Applicant.com has a nice glossary of words that we hate.



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