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Glee: Flash Mob

If you were at ION Orchard on Saturday, 12 Feb, 5pm, you might have seen this bunch of kids prancing, jumping and dancing to Glee Anthems.

Glee Flash Mob Star World 3 (1024x683)

It’s actually a flash mob organised by Star World to promote Glee season 2. According to the folks, “The flash mob was made up of almost 70 performers, consisting of a few professional dancers, students and volunteers. Many of them were canvassed on the Glee Singapore Facebook page, where it took almost 800 man hours pull this together.”

I didn’t make it because of a sudden massive downpour. From what I saw in the video compilation – the kids were having fun and the dance steps are nifty. Niiccee…

The “having fun” bit is the most important of it all. If you’ve watch Glee, once Rachael, Finn and gang get it up there on stage, they’re rocking it our and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

God, that reminds me of the good times.

Oh yes, remember to catch Glee Season 2 on Starworld-Starhub.  And keep an eye out for the Justin Bieber experience. Now that’s a hoot.


More Glee Flash Mobs on TwitVid

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