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Week 6: Willpower Boost

Just enhance your willpower to resist temptation. 

It’s not one of those new-agey things where I advocate sitting under crystals and chanting “Ohm”, or waxing lyrical about chakras and energy.


It’s about doing things. Things that aren’t necessarily fun – like crawling like a lizard or jumping like a kangaroo or running until my lungs give out.

The Five Simple Exercises for Improving Your Willpower from Paul’s Tips is quite a find. He suggests that to improve willpower, we should:

    • Drop a small bad habit
    • Learn something boring but useful
    • Do something you know you should every day for a week
    • Set yourself an achievable, but difficult goal with a date for reaching it
    • Have a month where you ban yourself from putting anything off

I’m staying away from booze (that’s willpower enhancing, isn’t it?) and exercising until my butt firms up. So who’s got no willpower, now?

Bone Dry Days: 15 (since 12 Feb)

Bet Days: 13/60 (since 14 Feb)


Front Day: Separated the run from weights exercise because my feet hurt. I’m going for weekly wart removal from my sole. That makes it hard to run (much less walk on). Gave the calf raises a miss as well. It’s hard to balance on pain. Added 4 X Lizard Crawls (6 X) to make up for the run. Forgot to increase my Push Ups (ugh).

Back Days: Right knee started to hurt on the last Lizard Crawl set. No clicking noises, but some instability and soreness. I believe that it’s a hamstring-related injury. Fuck. I’m shutting down until 2 Mar.


Dates: 3-4 Mar

  • No changes. 

Training Routines

Dates: 24-25 Feb

Front Day

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 16kg/side

  1. 10 X Squats
  2. 15 X Standard Push Ups; 13 X Inclined Push Ups
  3. 6 X Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Presses
  4. 10 X Bicep Curls to Arnold Presses 

Weight: 16kg

  1. 10 X Lunge

Did not do:

  1. 15 X Single Leg Calf Raises (+10 Double Leg Calf Raises)
  2. 2.5 km + Slope Running (4x 0.38 km)
    Timing: ?:?; Total: 4.02 km; Speed: ? km/h; Ave rest: 20 sec
  3. 2 min of Skipping Rope

Back Day

12 mins; 4 sets 

  1. 6 X Lizard Crawls (4 X to and fro)
  2. 10 X Straight-leg Deadlifts
  3. 5 X Rear Lunge to High Knee (per leg)

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 16kg/side

  1. 10 X Single-leg Deadlifts
  2. 10 X Shrugs
  3. 10 X Back Rows

Unweighted (4 sets)

  1. 10 X Inclined Inverted Rows;  5 X Single-arm Inverted Rows
  2. 13 X Inclined Push ups 
  3. 3 X Pull Ups


3 sets

  1. Planks: side (30 sec) & extended front (25 sec)
  2. 5 X Ab wheel mod (use a smooth cloth on a smooth surface)
  3. Single leg bridge (15 sec Ea)
  4. Stretches
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