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Week 8: You Are What You Eat.

A friend of mine eats breakfast and snacks on “bird food” (a mix of oatmeal and other stuff) all day long. He’s lost quite a bit of weight now. But that’s his goal – to lose weight. 

Image By permanently scatterbrained

I want to stay at 85kg (I think that’s my weight, my weighing machine’s a little wonky). So I eat more. Not big meals, just more frequently.

Breakfast: egg sandwich + coffee

Lunch: Whatever’s cooked for me

Mid-day snack: Egg sandwich + Orange (or fruit)

Dinner: Whatever’s there

Supper: Whatever’s there or just some fruit.

As you can tell, I’m not very picky about what I eat. Mostly because I work from home and eat whatever my family eats – vegetables, fish, rice. However, I swear by eggs. They’re quick and cheap source of protein. It’s $0.40 for 2 eggs which gives you 12g of protein!

Bone Dry Days: 29 (since 12 Feb)
Bet Days: 27/60 (since 14 Feb)


Front Day: Did it!

Back Day: Did it! Got rid of lunge to high knees and put in 2-Arm Dumbbell Snatches instead.

Running Day:  I’m faster when I’m not running up and down slopes. My dewarted sole aches a bit but not a big deal. Started running a little bit with 5kg weights. It’s tougher than I thought especially after the 2.5km run.


Dates: 14-16 Mar

  • +1 kg to weights
  • +1 to all Push Ups (19X Standard; 17X Inclined)
  • +1 to 5kg Runs (2 X)

Training Routines

Dates: 6-8 Mar

Front Day

  1. 6 X Lizard Crawls (4 X to and fro)

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 17.5 kg/side

  1. 10 X Squats
  2. 5 X Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Presses
  3. 10 X Bicep Curls to Arnold Presses

Weight: 17.5 kg

  1. Isometric Lunges (30 sec)
  2. Isometric Sumo Squats (30 sec)


  1. 18X Standard; 16X Inclined Push Ups


  1. 2.5 km + 5kg runs (1 X)
    Timing: 19:55; Total: 2.5 km; Speed: 7.53 km/h; Ave rest: 0 sec
  2. 2 min of Skipping Rope

Back Day

12 mins; 4 sets 

  1. 6 X Lizard Crawls (4 X to and fro)
  2. 10 X Straight-leg Deadlifts
  3. 10 X 2-armed Dumbell Snatch 

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 17.5 kg/side

  1. 10 X Shrugs + hold for 10 counts on last rep
  2. 10 X Back Rows + hold for 10 counts on last rep

Weight: 17.5 kg

  1. 10 X Single-leg Deadlifts

Unweighted (4 sets)

  1. 10 X Inclined Inverted Rows;  6 X Single-arm Inverted Rows + hold for 10 counts on last rep
  2. 16 X Inclined Push ups 
  3. 3+6 X Pull Ups


3 sets

  1. Planks: side & front & back (30 sec)
  2. Stretches


  1. 15 X Single Leg Calf Raises (+10 Double Leg Calf Raises)
  2. Slope Running (4x 0.38 km)
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  1. March 13, 2011 at 10:02 am

    I love how organized your goals are. Thanks for posting.


    • skybe077
      March 13, 2011 at 10:43 am

      Thanks for the comment, Abby!

      Goals are great signposts. If I can reach them, push further. If not, try again.


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