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Don’t Reply to All, Please

I’ve recently received an email blast on Spa Sauvignon’s latest promotions. Normally, I’ll just trash it.

This isn’t a negative indication of their massages – they’re really good and oh-so-relaxing – but of their email marketing tactics and know-how.

In this email blast, instead of hiding their email list addresses in the BCC field, they’ve left it out in the open in the email’s CC field.

Still not a big deal…that is until some fool Replied to All with an “UNSUBSCRIBE ME” email.

Naturally everyone got that email, which led to a flood of “UNSUBSCRIBE  ME” email spam from folks who don’t know how email lists work.

What is an Email List?

Email lists are placeholder email addresses that point to a list of email addresses. It’s like chucking a bunch of email addresses onto the email fields, but cleaner and neater.

So if you reply to an email list, everyone who’s on that list will get YOUR reply.

This simple type-type-type, Reply All action led to said flood of “UNSUBSCRIBE  ME” and attendant “Screw you! Don’t spam me!“ and “Don’t reply ALL” emails over seven days.

It’s annoying as heck and Spa Sauvignon should be responsible for their small (but impactful) email marketing oversight. But really, these “dumbass, soft-in-the-head” customers have to differentiate between bots, spammers and email lists.

Hopefully I’ve done that with this post. 

So don’t reply all, please. Just reply to sender. Or better yet, let it die quietly… like you should as well.


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