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Exercise: Restart

Coming back from an illness isn’t easy. I’ve been out with Sinusitis for 3 weeks.

During then, I was useless in thought and action. I barely wanted to move – a finger, leg, any limb or appendage. I simply drifted in weird, gauzy haze.

Thankfully, that’s over.

When to Start Working Out After Being Sick

Image from Eat Move Improve

Now comes the hard part – getting back to ship-shape fitness.

As with restarts, it’ll be slow and constant. Remember: Just keep active, keep moving, and build intensity. 


Exercise Routine

Objective: Get into Activity. Start easy.

Poundage: 50kg; 3 sets of 10 as much as possible

Day: Type Weighted Body
1: Front Front Squats
Military Presses
Rotational Lunges
Skipping rope
2: Movement Planks
3: Movement   Biking
4: Back Deadlifts
Hang Cleans
5: Rest   Jumping Jacks
6: Movement   Jab & Hook
Roundhouse kicks
Skipping rope
7: All Deadlifts
Front Squats
Military Presses


What Next?


I’ll keep the exercise routine as is for now. But ramp up the weights to 55kg.

Let’s see how it goes.

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