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Exercise: 25 May to 31 May

One of my goals was to run more. I find running tedious and boring. But nothing beats the after effects (sorry weights!), it’s great for my lungs, and I feel a helluva energised.

But running – like weight-training – should be a mix of types. Hence Slope Runs and Circuit Runs. The former is all about running up and down slopes. The later, a nice jog around the estate.

I adore Slope Runs.


Image from Travelling with Corrie

Benefits of Running Slopes


I find that it makes me stronger and more co-ordinated. And it also helps in my weights sessions. From RunnersWorld:

It strengthens tendons and ligaments, reduces the risk of injury and improves overall running form…

Hill sessions, in contrast, force the muscles in your hips, legs, ankles and feet to contract in a coordinated fashion while supporting your full body weight, just as they have to during normal running. In addition, on uphill sections your muscles contract more powerfully than usual because they are forced to overcome gravity to move you up the hill. The result is more power, which in turn leads to longer, faster running strides.


Power is good. More slopes, please!


Exercise Routine

Objective: Continue Activity.

Poundage: 55kg; 3 sets of 10 as much as possible

Day: Type Weighted Body
1: Rest   Calf Raises
2: Back Row
3: Front Lunges
4: Movement   Dips
Circuit Runs
5: Back Rows
6: Movement   Slope Runs
7: Front Lunges
Hang Cleans


What Next?


More slopes please!

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