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Phuket: Full Moon BrewWork

In Phuket for a company retreat/value setting session.

The session was so-so. The food rather disappointing – unless I walked out to the street. But for some strange reason, they were far and few in between.

Nevertheless, there’s beer! Not the usual Singha, Chang lagers, but tasty microbrews just a stone’s throw from Bangla Road.

The Beer…

Wild Honey Coffee Stout

Oatmeal smooth with strong chocolate notes. Didn’t taste too much of the honey but I guess that’s the priming sugar uses in making the beer. I’m actually surprised by the “coffeeness” of the stout – for some reason, Thai coffee has never struck me as good.

But this beer, well it works.


Best paired with…

Nham Spare Ribs

Grilled Issan style. Anything done that way is great with beers. The best parts of the spare ribs come from chewing on the crunchy connective tissue (pleural) while swishing a good glug of beer.


Weird? Give it a go first before you pan it. Smile


Full Moon BrewWork

193 Unit #2110, 2210 Raj-u-thit 200 Pee Road, Patong, Kathu,
Phuket, THAILAND 83150


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